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Why does LeasingPilot exist?

The founders discovered that there was a lack of professional advice on leasing and hire purchase.

Complex product rules, non-standardized contracts and the multitude of providers make the current market intransparent.

LeasingPilot was conceived to fill this gap

Why does LeasingPilot exist?

How is LeasingPilot paid?


The use of LeasingPilot's platform is free of charge for you as a customer. 

But you as an entrepreneur are aware that there can be no high-quality service without remuneration.

As is customary in the market, LeasingPilot generally receives a commission payment from the respective provider in the event of a product being concluded. The amount of the commission depends in particular on the value of the leasing object brokered.

Our service for you 

In order to be able to offer you, the customer, the optimum financing product for your specific needs, LeasingPilot would like to offer you a choice of all possible providers, including those who generally pay no or only a small commission.

If a product is concluded with such a provider, we ask for your understanding that we, as LeasingPilot, will charge you the amount that is missing from the usual commission rate as an advisory fee. LeasingPilot wants to advise you transparently and will never collect twice. Try us out!"

Why is LeasingPilot limited to leasing and hire-purchase financing?

LeasingPilot specializes in this segment because leasing and hire-purchase are highly attractive financing products. Unfortunately the economic, legal and tax regulations are more complex compared to credit. 

We can't do everything, but leasing and hire purchase very, very well!

Why is LeasingPilot limited to leasing and hire-purchase financing?

Can I also conclude leasing contracts directly online with LeasingPilot?

No, LeasingPilot does not offer this functionality, as we believe that financing should be prepared efficiently and quickly, but still thoroughly.

However, online direct closing may be useful for small financing sizes (in the scope of automated credit decisions) or in cases where your creditworthiness as a lessee is already assessed based on previous transactions.

We see ourselves as an advisor to lessees and as a partner of leasing companies. We prefer to focus on cases where we can offer added value for the lessee with our structured advisory approach and corporate finance know-how. Test us!


What security features does Leasing-Pilot use to protect your data?

In today's networked world, the security of digital data is becoming increasingly important. Against this background, the protection of your data and business transactions is of particular importance at Leasing-Pilot. The integrity and confidentiality of your data is our top priority.

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