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Our scope of services

LeasingPilot offers a comprehensive range of specialised leasing and hire-purchase advisory services, ranging from individual project support to the provision of a complete "outsourced leasing team". With our specialist knowledge and many years of expertise on the treasurer and lessor side, we are the best possible partner for achieving your financing goals:

  • Structuring and implementing the optimal financing for your new investments, taking into account the legal and tax framework conditions
  • Generation of liquidity through sale & lease back of existing properties
  • Portfolio review ("health check") of existing leasing contracts 
  • Development of a leasing strategy
  • Setup and support of vendor leasing solutions / Rental as a Service 
  • Advising the CFO/Group Treasurer/Head of Finance on all forms of asset-based financing

We flexibly adapt our offer to your needs.

Why hire a Leasing Adviser?

LeasingPilot as Leasing Advisor is your personal enabler for individually tailored leasing solutions. With our expertise and our customer-oriented approach, we make leasing smooth and effective for you, even in complex transactions.

Our advantages at a glance:

  • Extensive Leasing Experience: We combine expertise from the perspective of the lessor and Corporate Treasury with Leveraged & Corporate Finance experience
  • Cost Optimization: We create transparency and optimize your financing costs through market knowledge, networking, and a competitive digitized process
  • Increased Process Security and Bankability: Our transaction experience and our professionally prepared application through a uniform Information Memorandum know-how ensure a reliable Credit Story in the market.
  • Extensive Partner Network: We maintain close contacts with financing partners, Hidden Champions, Asset Financiers, and Tech-Lending Platforms.
  • Workload Relief for Management: We manage the entire process so that you can concentrate on your core businesses.
  • We use state-of-the-art, two-factor protected platform technology (including digital data room with watermark) for information exchange.
  • Customer-Oriented Problem Solving: As an independent service provider, we take care of "your" business and proactively solve any implementation challenges.
  • Success-Based Collaboration: As entrepreneurs, we mainly work on a success basis - "you get the funding, we get paid"

Your team of experts

  Stefan Sovinz  

(lawyer, tax advisor) has been responsible for structured finance (leveraged finance, leasing) and investment products on the banking side since 1999. For 5 years he headed the corporate client sales department of a well-known bank-independent leasing company. He knows the benefits, peculiarities and intransparency of the leasing market in all its facets. He is a co-founder of LeasingPilot and the brainchild behind the development of the platform, which efficiently identifies the optimal financing product through provider-neutral and transparent advice and efficient, platform-supported contact with multiple providers.


  Oliver Gerstberger 

is an experienced treasurer and banker who brings extensive experience with lease financing on the client side, especially in the PE environment. Oliver Gerstberger has implemented investments in an asset-intensive business model in 15 European countries via asset financing. The spectrum ranged from hire purchase and leasing to "simple" sale & lease back and revenue sharing structures. Oliver therefore knows the leasing market and the provider side from the customer's point of view in detail and brings this experience and the treasury perspective to our customers.

How does LeasingPilot work?

Start your financing project with LeasingPilot

  • Contact us and book a Teams meeting right now free of charge
  • Create a new project on the website or in the cockpit (in the confidential member area),
  • Enter the information so far as already known to you and upload the requested documents into the confidential data room.

LeasingPilot creates a comprehensive request for proposal

  • LeasingPilot checks whether all necessary documents are obtained and creates an information memorandum to present your enquiry in the best possible way.

Find the right leasing providers

  • LeasingPilot knows the suitable leasing providers for your project and agrees on a selection with you (“shortlist”).
  • Your leasing enquiry will be submitted simultaneously to all eligible leasing providers.

Receive the best offers

  • After just a few days you will receive suitable offers that have already been checked by LeasingPilot.

Compare offers

  • LeasingPilot evaluates the offers transparently and supports you in the selection process
  • You decide which is the best offer for you!

Conclude the contract

  • Conclude the best offer directly with the lessor.
  • LeasingPilot supports you with the documentation (e.g. supplemental agreements) and implementation of the financing



  • generates a selection of tailor-made offers for your project quickly, directly and free of charge, evaluates them precisely and thus creates an unprecedented level of comparability and transparency. You save a lot of time, nerves and money!
  • enables this comparability through exact and transparent analysis of the offer conditions and the decisive contract terms,
  • enables a confidential  digital exchange of information via the confidential data room
  • arranges for further legal and tax advice from cooperation partners on request.
  • enables efficient and fast approval and implementation processes by furnishing leasing companies with complete and professionally prepared financing applications and by establishing efficient access to all necessary information. and documents.

Who is LeasingPilot designed for?

LeasingPilot is designed for customers.

  • who want to efficiently use the advantages of leasing and hire-purchase for their company!
    We recommend diversifying the financing mix and supplementing it with leasing in order to keep bank lines free and increase the equity ratio, which is important for the bank rating! 
  • who would like to finance a non-standard constellation, such as LBO, substantial  investment (Sprunginvestition), scale up, (add on-) acquisition, sublease & rental park, etc.,
  • who are also convinced that a professional presentation of the company's creditworthiness and the financing project is beneficial
  • who want to develop and efficiently implement a leasing strategy beyond the individual case 
  • who may also have had a bad experience with leasing in the past.This can be avoided by choosing the right financing partner, type of contract and, if necessary, additional agreements. Asset-based forms of financing such as leasing and hire purchase offer numerous advantages, but are more complex compared to loans.

Why are more and more companies using LeasingPilot?


  • analyses your financing requirements and finds the optimal form of financing for your project,
  • presents your financing request in an information memorandum to the appropriate leasing providers,
  • generates a sufficient number of tailor-made offers for your enquiry quickly and efficiently,
  • enables an innovative comparability of the offers by analysing the actual costs as well as the decisive contractual clauses,
  • acts as a trustworthy guide through the entire financing process,
  • ideally combines leasing and Corporate Finance experience and expertise to your advantage!

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