Why are more and more companies using LeasingPilot?


  • analyzes the optimal form of financing for your project
  • presents your financing request to the most appropriate leasing providers in a professional manner
  • quickly and efficiently generates a large number of suitable offers for your inquiry
  • innovatively enables you to compare offers
  • analyzes not only the actual costs but also the key contract clauses
  • acts as a trustworthy guide through the entire financing process
  • offers, on request, a more extensive "Leasing Advisory", i.e. targeted economic, legal and tax advice on your specific financing project

Who is LeasingPilot designed for?

LeasingPilot is aimed at customers.

  • who want to use leasing and hire purchase efficiently for their company to diversifying their  financing. Adding leasing keeps existing bank lines free. This increases your equity ratio, which is important for the bank credit ratings.
  • who would like to finance a non standard constellation, such as LBO financing, leap investment, scale up phase, company purchase, subleasing, etc.
  • who have had bad experiences in the past. This can be avoided by the right selection of the financing partner, the type of contract and, if necessary, additional agreements. Object-based forms of financing such as leasing and hire purchase are ideal ways to stabilize your company’s financing.



  • quickly generates, free of charge, a multitude of precise offers for your project, direct to your inbox.
  • conducts detailed evaluation of offers and thus creates an unprecedented comparability and transparency. Saving you considerable time and money, not to mention nerves!
  • enables comparability through exact and transparent analysis of offer conditions and, if desired, the contract conditions.
  • enables standardized and reliable digital data exchange between customers and leasing companies through our platform-based communication interface.
  • provides, if desired, competent advisors on all financing, structuring, tax or legal issues during and after the project phase.
  • provides leasing companies with a professionally prepared and complete application as well as efficient access to all necessary customer information. Thus helping implement the financing request quickly and efficiently

How does LeasingPilot work?

Start your leasing project

  • You as the customer create a new project.
  • Enter all data and upload the necessary data (BWA, last annual financial statement, etc.) into the data room.

Leasing request is prepared

  • LeasingPilot prepares your leasing enquiry with you using all the essential information in an info memo for the leasing providers and checks whether all the necessary documents are available.

Find leasing providers

  • LeasingPilot automatically generates suitable leasing providers for your project
  • A large number of suitable leasing providers are reached at the same time
  • Your leasing enquiry is sent to the leasing providers agreed with you.

Get the best offers

  • After just a few days, you will receive suitable offers that have already been checked by LeasingPilot.

Compare offers

  • LeasingPilot evaluates the offers transparently with you and compares them with each other.

Conclude contract

  • Conclude a suitable offer.
  • Documentation and administration are conveniently done on LeasingPilot




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