Who or what is Leasing-Adviser?

Leasing-Adviser, the advisor at leasing-pilot.com, is the first address for professional and transparent advice (financial, tax and legal) for financing leasing and hire-purchase projects. 

Leasing-Advisor Is highly regarded for its expertise not only in leasing and hire-purchase, but also in lease structuring in LBO financing, leapfrog investments, scale-up phases, corporate acquisitions and subleases.

No two leasing decisions are the same. That's why it's important to have a skilled advisor who can structure the most effective and beneficial transaction to meet your specific business needs and keep you fully up to date.

Our Leasing Advisors (attorneys and tax advisors) have the experience necessary to structure, negotiate and document complex leasing transactions to best meet our clients' expectations and achieve their business objectives. Whether you are a lessee, lessor, lender, or on the debt and equity side of a leveraged lease transaction, our team will guide and advise you on issues related to commercial leasing law.

In addition, Leasing-Advisor accompanies you in every phase of your leasing project on the leasing-pilot.com brokerage platform.

Equipment leasing in particular often requires the involvement of advisors and lawyers from other areas of law. Our leasing advisory team takes a multi-disciplinary approach by drawing on these resources, bringing their knowledge of all aspects as well as their industry-specific experience.

Importantly, our tax attorneys have extensive experience with the judicial and regulatory decisions and opinions that govern the tax status and consequences of asset and receivable financing arrangements. The tax team will also help you integrate the tax consequences of the leasing project into your tax situation. We thus maximize our clients' returns while taking into account the ever-changing laws.

On what issues do we assist:

  • Discounting of leasing receivables (SHOULD THIS BE requirements) with and without right of recourse
  • Leasing agreements of municipalities and federal authorities
  • Financing of leasing companies
  • Sale-leaseback and residual financing
  • Commercial leases
  • Credit facilities for warehouse leasing
  • Brokerage of purchase and sale of leasing portfolios
  • Insolvency law aspects of leasing
Stefan Sovinz

Your leasing adviser